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CJI Salary Surveys

CJI 02/2015 Salary Survey

CJI 02/2015 Salary Survey
(Hebrew - )

cji14sal.txt CJI 03/2014 Salary Survey (English)
cji14salh.rtf CJI 03/2014 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji13sal.txt CJI 02/2013 Salary Survey (English)
cji13salh.rtf CJI 02/2013 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji12sal.txt CJI 03/2012 Salary Survey (English)
cji12salh.rtf CJI 03/2012 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji11sal.txt CJI 03/2011 Salary Survey (English)
cji11salh.rtf CJI 03/2011 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji10sal.txt CJI 02/2010 Salary Survey (English)
cji10salh.rtf CJI 02/2010 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji09sal.txt CJI 03/2009 Salary Survey (English)
cji09salh.rtf CJI 03/2009 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji08sal.txt CJI 02/2008 Salary Survey (English)
cji08salh.rtf CJI 02/2008 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji07sal.txt CJI 02/2007 Salary Survey (English)
cji07salh.rtf CJI 02/2007 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji06sal.txt CJI 02/2006 Salary Survey (English)
cji06salh.rtf CJI 02/2006 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji05sal.txt CJI 02/2005 Salary Survey (English)
cji05salh.rtf CJI 02/2005 Salary Survey (-Hebrew, RTF)
cji04sal.txt CJI 02/2004 Salary Survey (English)
cji03sal.txt CJI 02/2003 Salary Survey (English)
cji02sal.txt CJI 02/2002 Salary Survey (English)
cji01sal.txt CJI 03/2001 Salary Survey (English)
cji1salh.rtf CJI 03/2001 Salary Survey (-Hebrew RTF)
cji00sal.txt CJI 03/2000 Salary Survey (English)
cji0salh.gif CJI 03/2000 Salary Survey Summary (-Hebrew, GIF)
cji99sal.txt CJI 03/1999 Salary Survey
cji98sal.txt CJI 03/1998 Salary Survey
cji97sal.txt CJI 02/1997 Salary Survey
cji96sal.txt CJI 05/1996 Salary Survey

Job Market History
Old / outdated CJI FAQ (2000)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find a Computer Job in Israel

CJI FAQ (Hebrew, hypertext)

CJI FAQ (English, hypertext)

CJI FAQ (English, plain text)

CJI FAQ (Russian, JPG Graphic)

Other Resources
Lookup Internet Domains in Israel (ISOC Whois)
Israeli Web Dev. Companies (JR Hotsites)
Israel Internet Sevice Providers (JR Hotsites)
Israel Business Links (JR Hotsites)
Israel News Sites (JR Hotsites)
Job Titles & Descriptions (107 kb)
Other Job Resources (JR Aliyah)
Why Make Aliyah? (JR Aliyah)

Israel's 50th Birthday Message (5 kb)

CJI in the News
Ma'ariv International on CJI Survey (JPG, 225 kb, 03/2004)
Jerusalem Post on CJI Survey (JPG, 287 kb, 03/2004)
Torah Tidbits on CJI (JPG, 168 kb, 05/2003)
Internet.com on CJI (JPG, 256 kb, 03/2001)
Yediot on CJI Survey (JPG, Hebrew, 101 kb, 03/2000)
Jerusalem Post on CJI Survey (JPG, 162 kb, 03/2000)
Newsbytes on CJI (GIF, 37 kb, 06/1999)
Historical CJI On-Line Reports (1993-1994)
Pre-CJI Idea and Report (1992)

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